Petar Vujovic

Graphic Designer

He has extensive work experience in almost all areas of modern marketing. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in his Cetinje, where he attends Master’s degree.

Peter is curious, dedicated, creative, tolerant, extreme cosmopolitan with excellent visual memory. As a part of the professional, multidisciplinary, open-minded Bi Communication team, he focuses (and hits!) to the maxim of the great Milton Glaser: “There are three responses to the work of design: Yes, no and wooow! So, woooow is the reaction to be followed.”

Between practicing conceptual photography, video and sound art, installations, sculptures and drawings, Peter makes, sorry, let’s say plays ☺ carom and chess. We are proud that he has participated in the numerous group photos exhibitions in the country and abroad.

His next position in the team is Art Director.