Ljiljana Burzan Nikolic


Graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica on February 1995.

She got Master’s Degree at the same Faculty on January 2000.

Specialized independently and institutionally in the area of marketing, communication, public relation.

Attended numerous trainings, seminars, schools for management, leadership, sustainable development, innovations, media, human rights, woman empowerment.

Teaches International marketing at 5 faculties of UDG (University of Donja Gorica) as practice associate from 2015.

Teaches Strategy and tactic of communication at CEPI -School for Public Relation from 2014.

Gives motivational speeches, holds seminars, workshops, personalized educations on the call of institutions and companies (Employers’ Union, Chamber of Commerce, Civic Alliance, PRO PR congress, Career Days, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development…)

Project Director of  “Top 100 Montenegro”.

Since 1997 she has been in marketing, communication and public relation as a member of different institutions and companies she worked for and as an independent professional also.

Designed and realized dozen strategies and marketing communication campaigns and other versatile events. One of them are: Citizens’ Association for the protection of Herceg Novi – Stop silos in Zelenika, Sun Day – The Sun warms everyone the same, The Second International Book Fair, – Read a Life, Live the Book, WWF – Be smart, fix the plan (Moraca Hydro Power Plant), Vocational Education Center – Professional is crucial, Trebjesa Brewery  – Recycling is not a hassle, Ster Cinema – opening, Save the children – Do not turn your head away, Ex Yu Fest 08 – There is some constant relationship, Career team – Direction to employer, International Puppetry Festival – Already at heart, NGO Healthy Donna of Montenegro – Healthy Woman, healthy family, The Top 100 Montenegro – Let’s talk about successful ones!

Believes that social responsibility is the duty of all conscious and conscientious individuals.

Regarding that, individual action is very important, necessary and serves well in society which care about growth and the overall improvement.

Believes in action by personal example.


has started blog regarding personal topics called Ljilja i zbilja. Ljilja’s blog gathers light but not simple observations of life, happenings, people, but more than anything, about herself.

At one moment she realized that the topics which contain a certain depth, in a professional way, could and should have a place somewhere else, because of that, Ljilja says blog was born.

2012. she has cofounded and realized International Puppetry Festival in Podgorica (and other cities in Montenegro).

2016. she has got a special award “Iskra”, for civic contribution to the common good.


2017. has started out a professional blog Ljilja kaže.me (Ljilja kaze.me) which has a goal to educate, pointing out occurrences in society and business environment. It focuses on work which has in mind individual growth, empowerment of the work ambient and work ethic. Today the blog Ljilja kaze is integrated in the digital representation of the BI Communication agency.

She develops and works on her personal brend LilaVila, (For her own sake).


2018. she has founded and runs BI Communication agency. Its purpose is publishing, marketing, PR and education.

Married to Ratko, the mother of son Novak and daughter Dina.

Infinitely in love with her family pet, Vili, the Labrador.